My First Five Minutes of Fame

Apparently I'm famous..

hey who is this?
chrispaul10: chris who is this
Tylerdixon32: tyler
chrispaul10: i dont know u
Tylerdixon32: i know someone said this was a celebrtites sn
Tylerdixon32: and they have a crush on u or something
Tylerdixon32: lol
chrispaul10: ohh man
Tylerdixon32: im sorry
chrispaul10: i am a celebrity
Tylerdixon32: is u dont wanna talk to me i understand
Tylerdixon32: *if
chrispaul10: idc
Tylerdixon32: ok kewl
Tylerdixon32: im sorry but i have never heard of u what do u do?
chrispaul10: direct
Tylerdixon32: is that a tv show?
chrispaul10: no im a director
Tylerdixon32: o lol im 14 so i dont really know directors
chrispaul10: oh ok
Tylerdixon32: what have u directed
chrispaul10: nothing u would have heard of
Tylerdixon32: ok
chrispaul10: yeah
Tylerdixon32: do u know paris hilton
Tylerdixon32: like in person (just wondering)
chrispaul10: yeah ive talked to her
Tylerdixon32: thats hella sick
chrispaul10: yeah
chrispaul10: shes pretty cool
Tylerdixon32: yeah my friends sister met her and said that she was nice
Tylerdixon32: u live in hollywood?
chrispaul10: nope nj
Tylerdixon32: o kewl
Tylerdixon32: im from cali
Tylerdixon32: yeah i just went to the east coast for the first time at the beggining of this summer
chrispaul10: cool
Tylerdixon32: it is 2 oclock for u huh
chrispaul10: yeah
chrispaul10: i dotn sleep
Tylerdixon32: o
Tylerdixon32: lol
chrispaul10: yeah
Tylerdixon32: are you like hella rich?
chrispaul10: yes
Tylerdixon32: oic

Tylerdixon32: u back
Tylerdixon32: ur not famous r u?
chrispaul10: haha
Tylerdixon32: lol
Tylerdixon32: im so dumb
chrispaul10: yes you are

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