My First Day

We're straight as tooth picks, I swear it..

SuperBilly35: thanks for my dad's belt
SuperBilly35: but you still have one of mine
chrispaul1588: yes, and i need that sheet back too
SuperBilly35: right

Wedding singer Neil Kypers does Nat king Cole..

chrispaul1588: haha just take the mic n start singing
SaintKypers: hahaha exactly
SaintKypers: and everyone will cheer out of courtesy
chrispaul1588: heres how i see it goin on in my head...ull go up to the front and quiet everyone and start singing, no one will know who u are but will silently acknowledge that it sounds good, n once the song is over ull look over to me standing in the corner and ill nod my head and raise my glass of champagne to you
SaintKypers: hahaha that sounds awesome haha i love how u planned that out
chrispaul1588: lol i close my eyes and see it now
SaintKypers: haha i am seeing it too

Brudner thinks about me at night..

brudner1: i had a dream you were in that tops the one where you poop in basement
chrispaul1588: ...
brudner1: you were talking to some girl on your phone
brudner1: someone you didnt know too well
brudner1: and out of nowhere, you turn to me and say 'she wants a pube shot'
brudner1: and you stuck your phone down your pants
brudner1: i heard the phone's recorded fake shutter sound go off
chrispaul1588: lol why is it always me

Reenstra tries to be politically correct..

johnny ARR: know what i realized
johnny ARR: its colored people really
chrispaul1588: i look good naked?
johnny ARR: but black
johnny ARR: is the absence of all color, thinking artistically
johnny ARR: so black people aren't colored
chrispaul1588: haha, and white people are?
johnny ARR: the presence of all colors
johnny ARR: technically thats what black and white colors are
chrispaul1588: haha very true

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