My First Update in a While

Jay's Ridiculous..

Chris Paul1588: haha today i was thinking about how weird it would be if when we took a piss we could change how it came out like how u can change nozzle heads on a hose, mist would be awkward
Jay Emmanuel: hahaha mist would be unpleasant for all involved
Chris Paul1588: why is more than one party involved when you're pissing?
Jay Emmanuel: haha well if you're at a urinal and people are nearby they'd probably feel the spray cuz mist usually has a pretty large radius
Chris Paul1588: touche, that wasnt where i thought u were going with that
Jay Emmanuel: haha where'd you think i was going
Chris Paul1588: u were in the middle of a conversation with someone but had to piss so they just came in the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub as u pissed and they got a face full of urine mist
Jay Emmanuel: hahha who would
Jay Emmanuel: what
Jay Emmanuel: hahaha
Chris Paul1588: its best we move on