My Aristocrat

Reenstra makes good first impressions..

johnny ARR:
i was watching football the other day, and the commentator said "here's the kicker" and i was like GRANDMAS DEAD and my roomate looked at me like wtf
chrispaul1588: hahah good
johnny ARR: so i stabbed him in the heart
johnny ARR: err
chrispaul1588: so i think i just saw bob saget..
johnny ARR: lmfao
johnny ARR: where
chrispaul1588: walking around temple
johnny ARR: hahah
chrispaul1588: i walked right past him staring and he had that smirk on his face like 'yeah im the sag man'
johnny ARR: lmfao
johnny ARR: you should have started to hump the shit out of his leg
chrispaul1588: ...
johnny ARR: yea
johnny ARR: that would be sick

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