My Cannibalism

You are what you eat..

pantherfive88: guess what
chrispaul10: what
pantherfive88: my mom made apple crisp for me!
chrispaul10: cool
pantherfive88: and when i said crisp
pantherfive88: it reminded me of you
chrispaul10: haha
pantherfive88: do u think of me when u eat eggs
chrispaul10: i dont eat eggs
pantherfive88: oh
pantherfive88: me either
chrispaul10: it would be like u were eating urself
pantherfive88: hahaha yeah sorta
chrispaul10: but not really
pantherfive88: yeah not really
pantherfive88: bc im not an egg
chrispaul10: ur an eg
pantherfive88: yes but not an egg
chrispaul10: true

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