My Final Five Minutes of Fame

People confuse Chris Tucker and I all the time..

SoccerJC007: im a big fan of yours
chrispaul10: i know u?
SoccerJC007: um no
SoccerJC007: but i think your really kewl
chrispaul10: thats cool
SoccerJC007: yeah um brb
chrispaul10: k
SoccerJC007: hi
chrispaul10: hi
SoccerJC007: so this is chris paul right
chrispaul10: yeah
SoccerJC007: kewl
chrispaul10: why are u such a big fan
SoccerJC007: well i saw ur movie with jackie chan and u were juss sooooo funny
chrispaul10: thank you
SoccerJC007: do u noe like matthew lillard and all these other celebritys
chrispaul10: matthew lillard? not personally..but i do know people..
SoccerJC007: like who
SoccerJC007: hilary duff, kim basinger
chrispaul10: yeah me and hillary are friends
SoccerJC007: really!!!
SoccerJC007: that is soo totally kewl
SoccerJC007: so do u talk to fans often
chrispaul10: ehh whenever i have free time
SoccerJC007 : um so is hilarys real sn DUFFMANDAVID
chrispaul10: no
SoccerJC007: its not omg!!!
SoccerJC007: this sux
SoccerJC007: i love hilary duff and i soo thought thqat was her
SoccerJC007: she doesnt have some like fan email u could tell me or anything??
chrispaul10: if she does i dont know it..
SoccerJC007: aww
SoccerJC007: what about emma watson\
SoccerJC007: do u noe her
SoccerJC007: i mean juss noe her
chrispaul10: not really
SoccerJC007: o
SoccerJC007: do u noe juan klein
chrispaul10: not personally
SoccerJC007: uve juss heard of him?
chrispaul10: yeah
SoccerJC007: how old is he?
chrispaul10: i dunno
SoccerJC007: he looks 13
SoccerJC007: my friend is his sister
chrispaul10: oh yeah?
SoccerJC007: do u noe cece klein
chrispaul10: no
SoccerJC007: o
SoccerJC007: shes my friend she was to become famous
SoccerJC007: if she knew i was tlaking wit some1 who knew hilary duff she would go crazy she loves hilary
chrispaul10: oh
SoccerJC007: lol yea
SoccerJC007: do u have any advice for her i mean in trying to start acting
chrispaul10: no
SoccerJC007: ok
SoccerJC007: wow...ok...oh can u also tell hilary something for me
chrispaul10: no
SoccerJC007: oh

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