My Second Five Minutes of Fame

I guess I put myself in these situations..

AhLiNsIDer: Yo beitch
chrispaul10: ...
AhLiNsIDer: Y are u always online i tghought u was always busy
chrispaul10: who is this
AhLiNsIDer: jon
chrispaul10: jon who
AhLiNsIDer: Smith
AhLiNsIDer: Dude comeon u know me
chrispaul10: no i dont
AhLiNsIDer: u from ca right?
chrispaul10: nope
AhLiNsIDer: Dang, well i know a Chris Paul and my friend gave me this s/n.
AhLiNsIDer: damn
chrispaul10: well its not me
AhLiNsIDer: are you the actor
chrispaul10: what actor
AhLiNsIDer: Ok, on this celebrity screename website there was a post and it had yor s.n on it so i just figured you were famous or something
chrispaul10: i never said i wasnt famous...
AhLiNsIDer: its cool. i was just wondering. what do ya do
chrispaul10: direct
AhLiNsIDer: direct?
chrispaul10: movies
AhLiNsIDer: wow-really. i am going to college for that
chrispaul10: thats cool
AhLiNsIDer: what have you dirrected?
chrispaul10: ohh a bunch of things, how old are you?
AhLiNsIDer: 19
AhLiNsIDer: freshman in college
chrispaul10: what college?
AhLiNsIDer: University of Toledo.. Its not the best, but it will do.
AhLiNsIDer: Toledo, OH
AhLiNsIDer: Home of the Rockets
chrispaul10: hmm, i think i was a guest speaker there a few years ago, who's your film professor?
AhLiNsIDer: Wow really.. We have a new one, Bob Keialer
AhLiNsIDer: what is your age
chrispaul10: 34
chrispaul10: next time you're in class ask him about me, see if anyone remembers

AhLiNsIDer: hi...i asked my lab instructor and he didnt know who u were
chrispaul10: was it embarassing?
AhLiNsIDer: yeah
AhLiNsIDer: I know you're just some fake asshole now
chrispaul10: :-D
AhLiNsIDer: Haha, its hillarious!


Mike O'Leary said...

haha, "i know you're just some fake asshole now" has to be one of the greatest sentences ever

ChrisPaul said...

fo shizzle dizzle